First Responder System

The long term goal is to create a system that would allow volunteer rescuers to provide qualified first aid before Paramedics will arrive.
What would a community rescue be? Someone is calling an ambulance, let's assume it's a random person. This person asks for an emergency ambulance to arrive because she saw a man lying at the bus stop from the bus window. The dispatcher sends an ambulance team to the place, which arrives in 15 minutes.
that the person who was lying was in cardiac arrest and no one helped her during that time. 
After such a long time, any activities that can be performed by the emergency medical team will have little chance of success. 

We want to add this one link to this whole situation. Accepting the notification, the dispatcher, in addition to making orders ambulance team reports the need for a First Responder in the system. Then the rescuer closest to the scene gets on telephone information that someone needs help next to him. 
He potentially arrives there much earlier than the emergency team. Immediately assesses what is happening to the victim and will start provide first aid or implement CPR. After the arrival of the ambulance, the medical emergency team takes over the patient and performs medical rescue operations.

There must be cardiac arrest, there could be a car accident where you need to immobilize the spine, choking the child where it is very much little time to open the airways. 

Implementation of such a system requires a lot of time and a huge expenditure of resources. As the example in other countries shows, such a volunteer rescue system is feasible and works for the benefit of society.