Refugee medical support projects

From the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, our aid work for the Ukrainian population began. Emergency aid at the border, transport of basic dressings, food and clothes, medical transport from Ukraine and provision of medical assistance in refugee points.

Our medical aid activities are currently concentrated in several places, the largest of which is the PTAK Humanitarian Aid Center in Nadarzyn. We have been operating there together with the Fundacja Wsparcia Ratownictwa RK continuously since the launch. Initially, we admitted up to 600 patients per 12 hour shift. We had the opportunity to provide assistance in the full range of medical needs. There were times when a new patient came every minute and there were several emergencies within an hour.
Currently, we are focusing on providing emergency medical services on duty, the planned time of action is at least until June 2022.

For the past 2 months we have been focusing on medical evacuation of children and sick people from Ukraine.
We have already managed to make over 20 such evacuations. Each involves several days of preparation.
It is the last and only hope for those who we carry.
A boy burned after an explosion, a girl who lost the possibility of cancer treatment or a mother who will no longer be able to hold her child in her arms. For each of these people, there would be no life in Ukraine.